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About Us

Layabout is owned and operated by Carousel.  Carousel is a soft furnishings manufacturer based in Manchester.  Here at Carousel we like to try new things out all the time, and seeing as we design & manufacture everything under one roof, and everything is made to order…. we have plenty of fun!!

My Layabout design & manufacture the most comfortable Foam Filled Bean Bags & furniture in the universe…. bar none. Generally speaking, we love foam & lots of it.

We fill our Bean Bags, Loungers & pretty much everything we can with foam clusters.

Whether you fall, jump or calmly sit on a Layabout, we guarantee you’ve never had comfort like this, it moulds to your body shape and has just enough give to let you sink into a whole new level of bliss.

For the lovers of ‘old skool’ Bean Bags, we do have a secret stash of Polystyrene Beans which we use throughout our Classic Collection.

Looking for something other than a Bean Bag?  Have a browse at our Loungers, they’re really cool.

With loads of sizes, styles, materials & colours to pick from, you’re sure to find the perfect Layabout for you. Have a look around & let us know if you have any questions!